Recycle Bin

The Recycle Bin module is a data recovery tool for Odoo that ensures deleted records are safely stored and can be easily restored. It logs details of the deleted data, including relationships and hierarchies, allowing seamless recovery of both primary and related records. With customizable deletion policies and comprehensive logging, it helps businesses prevent accidental data loss, maintain compliance, and keep their data organized, ensuring uninterrupted workflows across departments.

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Key Features:

Automatic Backup:Saves deleted records, including their relationships, for easy restoration.

Customizable Policies: Allows defining automatic data purging based on the specified lifecycle.

Comprehensive Recovery: Recovers primary and related records, maintaining hierarchical relationships.

Detailed Logging:Captures who deleted the data and when, ensuring a clear audit trail.

Adjust days to keep items

Installation Guide


Download the app and either place it in your custom addons folder or use the upload app feature with v17. Gain access from your google account to be able to connect with odoo. Install python libraries needed to run app.


1. This app may not be able to recover every related image and certain modules.

2. Please contact us for any customizations! I'm happy to work on minor updates or any bug fixes.